A Unique Combination…

Cadworks offers a unique combination of mold design experience with the latest CAD technologies. Design software includes Cadkey, SolidWorks, and Surfcam. A multitude of data translators and a high speed cable connection allows for easy communication between systems and customers.
Design services include tooling feasibility studies, complete mold design and detail, and plastic part design, development, and solid modeling.

Experience and Capacity

Cadworks offers a unique combination of decades of mold design experience with the latest CAD technologies. We currently employ 6 designers, most of whom have actual tool shop experience. This experience gives our designers a “real world” concept of mold making and the information necessary for quality designs. Our customers view our staff as an extension of their own engineering departments, working closely with each designer. We are always “on-call” to lend support for our designs.

Variety of Mold Types

Years of experience and a broad customer base
have added to the diversity of our mold design
experience, including:
– Injection
– Compression
– Transfer
– R.I.M.
– Structural Foam
– Thermoform Tooling

Range of Complexity

Whether you need a simple open and shut mold or the complexity of a multi-action automotive instrument panel, Cadworks can accommodate your needs.

Some of our designs include:

– Medical Devices
– Automotive
– Unscrewing Molds
– Complex Actions
– Hot Runners

Value Added Capacity

Many times companies do not have the capacity on hand to provide the necessary services to their customers. Our broad base of experience can function as value-added capacity for your company. We can offer many services that may not be at your disposal, including:

– Tooling Feasibility Studies
– Designs for Off Shore Tooling
– Checking Designs
– Additional Design Capacity
– Assistance with Part Designs
– Reverse Engineering

Design & Data Formats

Every company around the globe has their own system of integrating their mold designs with their mold shop. Cadworks strives to accommodate all manufacturing methods with their designs. We can offer you your design in 2D blueprints, 2D CAD format, cavity & core 3D surfaces, or even solid CAD data. Some companies only require 2D assemblies for quoting, while others need a complete solid CAD file for manufacturing including screws, taps, and waterlines. While our two main design software packages are SolidWorks and Inventor, we have a wide range of data translators available.